Death By Audio Effects releases new DISTURBANCE pedal

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Death By Audio Effects releases new DISTURBANCE pedal

Death by Audio Disturbance pedal
words by Mixdown staff

Death By Audio Effects announced today the latest addition to its permanent lineup — the DISTURBANCE pedal.

Available now via dealers and the company’s official website, the Death By Audio DISTURBANCE pedal is an extreme filter, flanger, and fazer pedal equipped to bend, break, twist, and destroy a user’s sound with surgically psychedelic precision.

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Beneath DISTURBANCE’s luminous mirrored exterior lie deep filter sweeps, piercing resonance, classic whooshing flangers, watery multi-tap delay matrices, and psychedelic 8-stage phaser freakouts swirling in orbit around a lockable LFO.

Pressing the TRIP switch allows players to stop the LFO in its tracks, pausing space and time to produce pulsing drones and multiverse-shattering phase shifts at will.

The DISTURBANCE’s modulation core can be patched into other CV-enabled devices via the CV OUT for total pedalboard assimilation.


Filter/Flanger/Fazer: This switch selects the modulation type.

Tensity: This bidirectional knob sets the intensity of the effect, with different “-” and “+” modes for each modulation type.

Center Point: This knob sets the center point and bias for the modulation LFO.

Width: This knob sets the width of the modulation LFO. Combined with CENTER POINT, this knob will set the manual tuning of the effect when the LFO is stopped.

Speed: This knob sets the rate of the modulation LFO.

It filters, it flanges, it fazes, and it’s available right now at Death By Audio dealers and