Dare Studios is Melbourne’s latest female-led recording studio and creative hub

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Dare Studios is Melbourne’s latest female-led recording studio and creative hub

Dare Studios
Image by Ben McNamara
Words by Mixdown staff

Australia's latest female-led recording studio, Dare is dedicated to facilitating an environment that challenges traditional music industry norms, fostering creativity and empowerment for all artists who pass through its doors.

Dare Studios, a pioneering recording studio and sonic sanctuary spearheaded by esteemed music industry professionals Charlotte Abroms and Jono Steer, will officially open its doors in Melbourne this week.

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Dare Studios control room

Having forged their musical partnership over a decade ago, Charlotte and Jono bring a wealth of experience to Dare Studios, creating a space that embodies their core values of respect, diversity, inclusion and kindness. Meticulously designed to embody an environment of cleanliness and accessibility, Dare Studios places paramount importance on the artist and their craft. Says Charlotte of the space, “If a person feels welcome, included and in control of their narrative, they can focus on making music they love.”

While Dare Studios boasts sonic excellence and world-class equipment, it is equally dedicated to fostering a community of like-minded artists, engineers, producers, and creatives, emphasising education, collaboration, and connection above all else. In addition to its recording capabilities, the studios will additionally act as a creative hub, with events and workshops set to encompass another facet of the multidimensional space.

A recipient of prestigious accolades such as the Lighthouse Award, Fast Track Fellowship, and Music Victoria’s Outstanding Woman in Music Award, Charlotte has carved her niche as an artist manager, creative consultant, and strategist with over 15 years of experience. Excited to launch one of Australia’s few female-led recording studios, Charlotte emphasises the importance of creating an environment where artists feel self-sufficient and empowered.

With over two decades of experience as a record producer, audio engineer, and front-of-house sound engineer for renowned Australian acts such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Angie McMahon and Gretta Ray, co-founder Jono Steer champions the belief that technology shouldn’t get in the way of creativity and that recording should be a fun, seamless process. As such, the studio is meticulously designed with top-notch gear, aiming to minimise setup time and maximise creative output. “The best thing about Dare Studios is that it feels like your own creative hideout,” says Jono, “It’s unassuming, warm, welcoming, and feels like home.”

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