Courtney Barnett announces new ambient album End Of The Day

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Courtney Barnett announces new ambient album End Of The Day

Courtney Barnett feature

Courtney Barnett’s new album End Of The Day will be released on September 8 via Milk! Records, the last release on the label that Barnett started in 2012.

Boasting a huge list of underground, indie and alternative releases across the last decade or so, Milk! has supported Australian music as Courtney Barnett herself has catapulted into the international stratosphere.

Cataloguing her journey was filmmaker Danny Cohen, who put together the film Anonymous Club about Barnett’s rise through the music industry. The film explored the trials and triumphs, finally being augmented by an additional, improvised piece of music by Courtney Barnett and Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint). What developed was End Of The Day, an amalgamation of these improvisations, rearranged and refined into 17 pieces of music, ambience, art—whatever you wish to call it.

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The first three songs off the record are available now, a deviation from Courtney Barnett’s usual, lyrically fuelled, uniquely Australian brand of rock. Born from Mozgawa’s acquisition of an Oberheim OB6, the synth oscillates and anchors the arrangements, particularly “Start Somewhere”, while scattered strumming and chords shift around it. Each song progressively introduces a new idea, while leaving a characterful impression as they shift from one to the next. The new songs today are accompanied by a visual accompaniment from filmmaker Claire Marie Vogel, providing landscape and visuals to help us lose ourselves in the expansive, yet somehow intimate arrangements.

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