Casio reboot the Casiotone range with three new models

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Casio reboot the Casiotone range with three new models

Words by Will Brewster

Aimed at the beginner market.

For decades, the Casiotone keyboard range has provided generations of emerging piano players with their first-ever musical instrument experience.

Their compact, fuss-free designs and bang-for-buck feature sets have made them a mainstay on the musical instrument market since its introduction in 1980, and Casio now look to continue this legacy long into the 2020s with the newly launched Casiotone range.

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Dubbed as being ‘simply the best keyboard for beginners’, the Casiotone range kicks off with the new CT-S1, which features 61 full-sized touch sensitive keys and makes use of Casio’s advanced AiX sound technology to provide its authentic piano tones.

The unit is loaded with newly designed Bass Reflex speakers and a sophisticated Surround Sound mode, which helps to deliver a much more realistic, dynamic tone to help beginners navigate their way around the instrument.

The CT-S1 also makes use of wireless Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI – the first time an entry-level keyboard has ever boasted such technology – to allow users to stream music through the keyboard’s internal speakers and play along with tracks.

Other features include vintage electric piano, synth and other classic pop sounds, which can be further fleshed out by some handy internal digital effects such as amp simulation, phaser and delay, with the unit also being available to buy in Black, Red and White finishes.

Also new to the Casiotone range for 2021 is the Casiotone CT-2400, which expands on the CT-S1 by adding in a full graphic display and nifty jogwheel control to easily find your way around presets.

It’s also loaded with 600 AiX tones and 200 automatic rhythm accompaniments, and also features the option to save or expand tone presets via USB.

Finally, there’s also the Casiotone LK-S450, which features 200 preloaded tracks and light-up keys to help beginners become familiar with chord and scale layouts.

For more details on all models, head to Casio Australia.