Introducing The DV Mark Silver GEN 15 Head and Combo Amplifiers

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Introducing The DV Mark Silver GEN 15 Head and Combo Amplifiers

DV Mark DV Gen 15 Wide Shot copy.jpg

Thanks to DV Mark’s industry leading proprietary technology it is now possible to create affordable, great sounding amps that are easy-to-use, reliable and ultra-portable, improving the quality and ease of every musicians life. The DV GEN 15 is an addictive 15W Class A all-tube head from the DV Mark Silver Generation Series that will charm you with its vintage personality and incredible headroom (more than you would normally expect from a 15W tube amp) and impress you with its amazing full sound-tone, versatility, dynamic response and gig-after-gig reliable performance.


The controls of the DV GEN 15 are simple and effective. It features the same cutting-edge technology, build quality and high-end components as in DV Mark’s bigger heads, and offers a wide range of tonal colours. This amp also features the next generation of digital reverb, which you’ll find sweet sounding, warm and natural. All-tube heads have always had a reputation for being cumbersome and heavy, but the DV GEN 15 gets you a killer valve-tone at a fraction of the weight that you’d expect – ideal for recording, rehearsing, club gigs and more. 


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