Brainworx release a new mid/side mastering limiter, the bx_XL V3

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Brainworx release a new mid/side mastering limiter, the bx_XL V3

Brainworx mastering limiter
Words by Mixdown staff

For over 25 years, Native Instruments (NI) has been at the forefront of musical innovation, including Brainworx who fall under the NI unbrella.

Brainworx today announced the release of bx_XL V3, a mid/side mastering limiter plugin that delivers ultra-loud masters with XL saturation. By utilizing the mid/side technology from Brainworx’s groundbreaking bx_digital EQ, the bx_XL V3 empowers mastering engineers to achieve loud masters without sacrificing clarity. The mid channel is split into two bands, allowing for control over three individual channels – mid-low, mid-high, and side.

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Feel the power of four limiters

The Crossover Frequency slider offers the flexibility to separate the kick drum and apply different limiting from the rest of the mid signal, resulting in increased loudness, greater punch, and enhanced clarity with fewer artifacts. After the mid-low, mid-high, and side channels are combined back into a stereo signal, the full mix is run through another true peak limiter. This means four stages of limiting, resulting in loud and crystal-clear stereo mixes.

Warm up mixes with XL saturation

The XL knobs add warmth to your mixes by introducing third and fifth-order harmonics. A special filtering process prevents aliasing, ensuring your mixes remain free of artifacts. This additional harmonic content enhances perceived loudness without significantly increasing your music’s output level.

Key Features

  • Multiband processing
  • Adjustable crossover frequency
  • Mid/side processing
  • XL saturation
  • Four limiting stages
  • True peak limiter
  • Mono Maker
  • Side chain circuit
  • True peak, RMS, gain reduction, LUFS, and correlation meters
  • Resizable UI
  • 8 different colour schemes

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