Epiphone announces the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe Banjo and more!

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Epiphone announces the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe Banjo and more!

Epiphone Bluegrass Collection
Words by Mixdown staff

Now, working in tandem with Gibson and Gibson Custom, these legendary instruments have been reimagined by Epiphone with no compromise on quality at prices working players can afford.

The conversation about iconic bluegrass instruments is not complete without the Lloyd Loar-signed Gibson F-5 mandolin and the rare Gibson RB-Granada Mastertone five-string banjo used by Earl Scruggs to define the sound of the genre. For over 150 years, Epiphone has been a leading innovator in instrument design.

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Earl Scruggs

By leveraging its iconic past and leaning into the future, Epiphone has set the stage for the next era of sound for present and future generations. They’re proud to announce their legendary bluegrass instruments are back. High quality and accessible, these Inspired by Gibson and Inspired by Gibson Custom models are part of the Epiphone Bluegrass Collection, which recreate some of the most popular banjo and mandolin models of all time and are sure to be popular with players of all genres. The Bluegrass Collection includes the Earl Scruggs Golden Deluxe Banjo, Mastertone Bowtie Open Back Banjo, Mastertone Classic Banjo, F5G Mandolin, Mandobird, and the F-5 Studio Mandolin are now available.

“Banjos and mandolins are a huge part of the Gibson story, so it was very important to add this new Epiphone Inspired by Gibson range of truly excellent instruments that are accessible,” says Mat Koehler, Vice President of Product at Gibson. “We are proud that the legacy is alive and well in this collection, with unrivalled quality and undeniably premium features everywhere.”

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