Boveda introduces directional humidifier for uncased instruments

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Boveda introduces directional humidifier for uncased instruments

Words by Mixdown Staff

Keep your uncased instruments in tip-top shape

Boveda’s patented 2-Way Humidification Kit received a new twist at this year’s NAMM, with their new Directional Fabric Holder helping protect wooden instruments while they are uncased and on display.

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Boveda humidifiers typically protect wooden instruments from humidity-based damage while cased.

The thick vegan leatherette top shield drives airflow directly into the body of the instrument to protect it from humidity fluctuations, while its patented interior material allows water vapour to pass through to the instrument.

It contains a 49 per cent RH Size 70 humidifier, while the underside is soft fabric, so it doesn’t scratch your instrument.

If you hold back on displaying your guitars in fear of humidity-related problems, here’s your solution. Now you can show off your beautiful instruments plus keep them well-humidified.

Guitars stay ready-to-play off the wall, on stage and in the studio. Keep your instrument in the safe zone and prevent cracking, warping and other costly repairs.

Better yet, do it for just $36.95.

Head to CMC Music for local enquiries on Boveda products.