Boss reveal NS-1X Noise Suppressor

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Boss reveal NS-1X Noise Suppressor

Words by Mixdown staff

The BOSS NS-1X Noise Suppressor quells noise without affecting tone.

Boss has introduced the NS-1X Noise Suppressor as a new addition to their X series compact pedal lineup. This pedal boasts the capability to intelligently eliminate unwanted noise from a guitar or bass signal without compromising the instrument’s natural tone, thanks to Boss’s innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology.

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The MDP technology utilised in this pedal constantly analyses the incoming signal in real-time, providing swift and transparent noise reduction in various scenarios, ranging from subtle noise control in both stage and studio setups to the rapid gating required to manage high-gain configurations. Unlike conventional noise suppression processors, it promises to accomplish this without introducing artificial attack and decay artefacts.

The NS-1X offers multiple operation modes to cater to individual preferences and setups. In “Reduction” mode, it gently reduces noise while preserving the organic decay of notes and is compatible with all types of pickups, including low-output single coil designs. On the other hand, the “Gate” mode is designed for high-gain tones and instantly mutes the output when no signal is present. Boss claims that the MDP technology ensures an exceptionally fast response that sets it apart from other noise reduction pedals, allowing players to maintain a natural, punchy note attack. Additionally, the “Mute” mode transforms the pedal’s bypass footswitch into a mute control, handy for instrument changes or tuning. When used in this manner, the pedal operates in either “Reduction” or “Gate” mode, with the active mode determined during power-up.

Each mode’s response can be finely adjusted using controls for “Threshold,” “Decay,” and “Damp,” while a row of LEDs on the “Reduction” indicator visually displays the level of processing applied. In addition to the primary input and output connections, the NS-1X also includes send and return connections that enable noise detection based on the direct instrument signal, with noise reduction applied to pedals in the loop, preserving a more natural sound.

For more information, head to BOSS.