BOSS RC-505mkII takes looping to the next level

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BOSS RC-505mkII takes looping to the next level

Words by Sam McNiece

With almost 50 Input FX and over 50 Track FX!

If you’ve ever walked past a busker performing with loops, there’s a high chance they were using the RC-505. This tabletop looper which is used the world over by music makers gets a substantial upgrade with the mkII, allowing users more ways to interact and shape their sound.

What you need to know:

  • BOSS have announced a new iteration of their iconic tabletop looper, the RC-505mkII.
  • The updated unit features longer channel faders, additional FX, larger screen and two XLR inputs.
  • The RC-5050mkII is scheduled to release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Read all the latest product news here.

This enhanced version of the RC-505 upgrades from 16bit sound to 32-bit floating point processing, a large step into the present day. The design looks quite similar to their first loop station, with this iteration adding longer up faders for more control, dedicated FX buttons for each channel, an updated larger display and moved a few buttons and knobs for better ergonomics.

BOSS have added a stack of new FX with 49 Input FX and 53 Track FX types including Harmony (think vocal harmonies) and Electric FX available for sculpting and finessing your sound. There is also no limit to what FX you use, as previously some couldn’t be used with each other in addition to four instead of three Input and Track FX available. There’s still the compressor and reverb for use over the master out which is handy.

There’s still the classic five stereo phrase tracks for recording loops and fading them in and out along with MIDI connectivity for automating and remote controlling the system. There are now two XLR inputs and three stereo outputs which could be used for Master out, booth and recording simultaneously.

The RC-505mkII has over 200 onboard rhythms ready to spice up your loops with 16 drum kits for making your own. They’ve also added a Mark Back function which allows for enhanced undo/redo capabilities while playing the unit.

Connect the device via USB and you’ll be able to backup your data, import and export phrases, and import patterns via RC Rhythm Converter.

Footswitches and expression pedals can be used via the two external control jacks, with which you can connect two footswitches to one jack.

All this and more is available in the new looping machine which is scheduled to start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Head to Boss for more information on this loop station.