Body Synths announced Metal Fetishist at Superbooth 24

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Body Synths announced Metal Fetishist at Superbooth 24

Body Synths Metal Fetishist
Words by Mixdown staff

The product is expected to ship from retailers in early June, just a few weeks after the event. 

Superbooth24 marks the official launch of the Metal Fetishist. A small percussive noise instrument that Body Synths, the new Berlin company, has been teasing for the past few months.

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The Metal Fetishist is described by Body Synths as being unapologetically digital although its “one knob per function” style of use may indicate differently. Having an extremely simple architecture composed of one oscillator, a white noise generator and a multimode filter, it is from the modulation and the distortion sections where the instrument obtains its aggressive character sound.

Body Synths

Two randomness generators manage the trigger probability and the step-modulation. The latter can control pitch, cutoff or an internal mixer that lets noise (or external audio) pass through. A big knob labeled STEPS locks these random values into repeatable sequences of 2, 4, 8, 10, 16  or 32 steps. The simplicity of the random sequencer allows for instant industrial banger generation.

A digital overdrive and a down sampler (labeled as Corrosion and Rust) provide different styles of digital distortion to the Metal Fetishist. This lets the instrument go from standard monophonic synth sounds to different sonic areas like the harsh, the fuzzy and even the digital aliasing glitches. 

An analog interface provides connectivity with Eurorack and CV sequencers, with some extra functionality being unlocked by self-patching. Clock synchronisation is not only possible via CV, going in sync with drum machines or DAWs is also possible via MIDI clock input. In both cases, an internal clock divider hidden in the Tempo knob lets the user choose between following the external clock as-is or dividing it by 2, 4 or 8.

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