Antelope Audio announce Zen Quadro Synergy Core

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Antelope Audio announce Zen Quadro Synergy Core

Antelope Audio Zen
Words by Mixdown staff

Hear every detail with up to 130 dB dynamic range converters.

Antelope Audio, an industry leader in high-end audio production technology, including audio interfaces, reference clocks, modelling mics, monitor speakers and audio plugins, is proud to announce the new Zen Quadro Synergy Core, a 14-in/10-out bus-powered dual-USB audio interface.

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Zen Quadro Synergy Core

With 130 dB AD/DA converters never before seen in a bus-powered interface, console-grade Discrete preamps, Synergy Core real-time FX processing, and a dual-USB design that allows simultaneous playback and recording on two systems, the Zen Quadro provides creators of all kinds with a staggering amount of features in a compact, affordable package.

Unparalleled AD/DA Conversion and Clocking

The Zen Quadro comes equipped with the same converter chips as Antelope Audio’s flagship Galaxy interfaces, paired with the proprietary 64-bit AFCTM (Acoustically Focused Clocking) technology. With up to 130 dB dynamic range at 24-bit/192 kHz, it outperforms competitors at several times the cost, providing unparalleled sonic precision and a more spacious stereo image with clear instrument and vocal separation.

Crystal Clear Preamps

The Zen Quadro’s four Discrete preamps are built with a 6-transistor topology inspired by the British and American analog console designs of the eighties and nineties, offering maximum noise reduction and precise sound capture. And with 75dB gain, the interface can handle even the quietest dynamic and ribbon mics.

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