Benny Andersson of ABBA upgrades Stockholm studio with Dolby ATMOS

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Benny Andersson of ABBA upgrades Stockholm studio with Dolby ATMOS

Words by Mixdown staff

In a building of cultural and historical significance, Benny and his engineer, mixer Bernard Löhr, have been creating musical masterpieces since the 1990s.

ABBA legend Benny Andersson is a composer and musician who needs no introduction. He has left his mark on the history of music, and also created a unique place for creativity in the heart of Stockholm – his own studio on Skeppsholmen.

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In recent years, the studio has undergone a thorough renovation and upgrade from an analogue studio to a Dolby Atmos room for immersive audio work.


As ABBA prepared to release their long-awaited Voyage album in 2021, Benny Andersson faced a new and exciting challenge. Universal Music and Apple Music demanded that the album would be mixed in the immersive Dolby Atmos format. This required an extensive renovation of the entire Skeppsholmen studio.


The culturally significant studio building is owned by the Swedish state, which meant that the renovation required careful planning and execution. The renovation project was extensive – for example, the original studio was moved from downstairs to upstairs. “The studio is now much smaller than before, but way more cosy,” says Bernard Löhr.

Avid Pro Tools

Bernard has been Benny Andersson’s engineer since the early 90s. He records and mixes all of Benny’s projects. An Avid Pro Tools | S6 with 32 faders was chosen as the new control surface. This allows for a more efficient workflow and allows both Benny and Bernard to work on the surface at the same time.

“The Avid S6 control surface is the right size and easy to use. For example, we can access all the reverbs in a way that suits Benny,” says Bernard.

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