Avid introduce nifty new features in Pro Tools 2020.11 update

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Avid introduce nifty new features in Pro Tools 2020.11 update

Words by Will Brewster

Including a new Dark Mode, Audio to MIDI and more.

Following the announcement of Ableton Live 11 and Steinberg unleashing their new version of Cubase last week, Avid have now shared details of their latest Pro Tools update, with 2020.11 bringing a number of useful tweaks to improve the DAW’s workflow and appearance.

Perhaps most notably, Pro Tools 2020.11 now lets users enable Dark Mode, giving the DAW a blacked-out aesthetic to make it easier on the eyes during extended periods of use.

There’s also a new Audio to MIDI conversion tool developed alongside Celemony, which lets users instantly transform audio stems into MIDI data to play nicely with your soft synth or drum library.

Audio to MIDI can also be converted from Pro Tools’ own Clips List, unlocking a huge range of sonic possibilities and opportunities to tweak from your sound library.

Pro Tools 2020.11 also introduces a new Space Clips Command, using an algorithmic interface to automatically space audio data across the timeline to minimise excessive drag-and-dropping.

Subscribers can now also access Celemony’s Melodyne 5 pitch correction software at no extra cost, making it easier than ever to fix bung notes or create warbling Auto-Tune effects.

The update also adds new Bounce Mix functionality to export mixes and sub-mixes in different audio formats, as well as a Bounce Mix to MOV feature to convert video files into mono, stereo or surround.

Check out the Avid blog to read more about everything new to Pro Tools 2020.11. For local inquiries, get in touch with Innovative Music.