Steinberg rolls out brand new features in Cubase 11

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Steinberg rolls out brand new features in Cubase 11

Words by Will Brewster

The DAW has received a swathe of new tools for producers.

Steinberg have announced the latest update to their powerful Cubase music production software, with version 11 bringing all-new plug-ins, editor modes and performance tweaks to make it a force to be reckoned with in today’s cluttered DAW domain.

Available to download now, Cubase 11 offers a number of software tweaks designed to improve workflow and performance, including a simplified stem-printing tool for exporting tracks and enhanced synchronisation to stay in time with fluctuations in tempo.

A new Sampler Track lets producers experiment with tempo-locked slices and chops, while two LFOs can also be assigned to the Sampler to inject movement into your tracks. There’s even a mono legato mode, which provides an excellent solution for writing those gliding 808 basslines made popular by today’s drill producers.

Cubase 11 also beings new functionality to the Key Editor, including a Scale Assistant to keep things in perfect pitch and a new ramping mode in the Key Editor to create automated pitch bends with ease.

Elsewhere, a new Squasher plug-in seeks to appease the needs of EDM producers, while a precise Dynamic EQ, Spectral Analyser and Imager are also thrown into the mix. The update also includes six new sample packs, helping to reaffirm Steinberg’s mission to make Cubase the ultimate production hub for up-and-coming music makers.

Find out more about Cubase 11 via Steinberg today.