Acustica Audio Silver is a sampled convolution reverb plugin

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Acustica Audio Silver is a sampled convolution reverb plugin

Words by Sam McNiece

With over 77 physical modelled spaces in Volume A.

Italian based digital audio magicians Acustica Audio, have just announced a new convolution reverb plugin, Silver. The first collection of impulse responses models a range of physical spaces throughout Italy and Europe to provide unique and interesting impulse responses including churches and recording booths.

What you need to know:

  • Acustica Audio have released the ACQUA Silver convolution reverb plugin.
  • They have recorded impulse responses of 77 different physical spaces for volume A all around Europe.
  • Silver has filters and EQ alongside classic reverb controls to tweak the space to your needs.

Read all the latest product news here.

Silver is a new convolution reverb plugin from Acustica Audio that is free to download. There’s currently one volume of impulse responses available to purchase which has over 120 high quality impulse responses to choose from. There’s high/low-pass filters, a three band EQ, early and late reflection parameters and mix controls including width and pan 3D available to perfect the reverb to your preferences.

Acustica Audio have said their time knob which adjusts the length of the reverb doesn’t distort the first reflections like others might, which is a bonus for getting into the nitty gritty of sound design. What’s perhaps most unique about this convolution reverb plugin is the ‘perfection’ slider. It acts as a room correction tool of sorts that adjusts EQ parameters under the hood to eliminate could be problems within a space.

There’s one volume of impulse responses available as of now with more coming in the near future. Places modelled for use include the church Chiesa Santa Maria del Lago, a studio space The Sphere Studio and a bed & breakfast lobby.

They have included audio tests on their website for those wanting to hear the product before purchasing and is available now.

Check out the video below for an intro to Silver.

Head to Acustica Audio for more information on Silver.