SSL Fusion Plug-ins add analog modelled tech to your DAW

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SSL Fusion Plug-ins add analog modelled tech to your DAW

Solid State Logic (SSL) fusion plug-ins
Words by Sam McNiece

With the quality sound SSL is renowned for.

It wasn’t too long ago that SSL was an old school hardware only company. Their mixing consoles have been the envy of many, but SSL didn’t rest on their laurels. Following the release of affordable audio interfaces, a small scale mixer and DAW controllers, SSL is back with plugin versions from their Fusion analogue hardware processor.

What you need to know:

  • Solid State Logic have released SSL Fusion Plug-ins Vintage Drive and Stereo Image.
  • The two plugins are modelled after SSL’s Fusion analogue hardware processors.
  • This announcement is the start of monthly software releases for one of the leaders in audio processing.

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Starting off with the SSL Fusion Vintage Drive plug-in, SSL have added analogue flavour to the digital emulation. The non-linear saturation features drive and density controls which allow you to dial in even and odd harmonics plus a touch of compression. There’s an auto gain function which will match the input and output signals to ensure you’re making correct mix decisions, not just increasing the volume. Additionally, SSL added an Eco mode which allows for zero-latency, low CPU processing perfect for tracking or while running large sessions.

Next up is the SSL Fusion Stereo Image plug-in, which is a mid-side processor focusing on depth in the stereo field. Utilising the shuffle and space controls, its possible to add or cut low end frequencies in the stereo field, which previously would be not as desired, but we’re living in the world of stereo bass processing now, with many big tracks utilising stereo effects all the way down the bottom end of the mix. Alongside this, there’s a width control which increases or decreases side information with a Solo Side button available to hear what you’re affecting.

Nigel Beaumont, SSL’s Managing Director, comments, “This announcement demonstrates our commitment to provide SSL legacy and future production tools to a wider audience of music production and audio creatives with plug-in versions. By providing different ownership options, we are also simplifying how users can evaluate and then invest in this hugely-expanding suite of authentic SSL creative software tools.”

Coming soon, SSL have announced a range of other plugins including tape echo, delay and a de-esser which will be released monthly to support their new subscription service.

These two plugins are available via SSL’s online store for US$199 and as part of the SSL Native Complete Bundle for US$14.99 a month.

Head to SSL for more information on these new plugins.