Abbey Road console heading to auction

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Abbey Road console heading to auction

Abbey Road EMI console
Words by Mixdown staff

Famously used by Glyn Johns on the recording of The Beatles’ Abbey Road, the EMI TG12345 Mk I is now up for sale.

As part of the “Sound of the Beatles” auction, EMI’s famous console used on Abbey Road will be available for purchase, though expected to fetch a seven figure sum. A flagship, industry leader in transistor based equipment, the EMI TG12345 was initially installed in London’s EMI Studios Studio 2. With the help of this console and 8-track recording (the cutting edge at the time), the Beatles went on to create their magnum opus Abbey Road.

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The EMI TG12345 Mk.1 has 24 mic inputs that summed to 8 tape outputs, one of the first consoles to feature EQ and compression on every channel. While famed for its use on Abbey Road, it was also used to mix Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, as well as solo albums from members of the fab four.

The console for sale is made up of 70% of its original parts, the original console being decommissioned and distributed to nearby schools, with various owners and custodians pulling and scrapping parts, the Mk 1 today being fully operational after a multi-year restoration project. It will be available for auction on December 14th, with the console being on display from December 8-14 at Bonhams Knightsbridge.

Check out the official auction here.