A sneak peak of Steven Slate Audio RAVEN 4.0’s Classic Console mode

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A sneak peak of Steven Slate Audio RAVEN 4.0’s Classic Console mode

Steven Slate RAVEN 4.0
Words by Mixdown staff

This is a sneak peek of RAVEN 4.0's Classic Console mode.

It’s the default mode when you load up the Steven Slate RAVEN 4.0 software. The fader caps, fader width, and space between faders precisely matches the ergonomics of classic large format consoles— something that was previously only available on the larger MTZ console.

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That means that you can lay your hands on multiple faders to get balances, audition multiple fader levels, and do fader rides without any unnatural positioning of your fingers. Our fingers need to feel natural on the faders. When faders are too close or far apart, it puts your hand into awkward positions.

Move faders around, or solo, pan, and mute tracks. You can record right from the transport, make headphone mixes on the sends faders and knobs, click an insert to load a touchable plugin.

Create and launch custom fader groups for instant access, set markers for easy navigation of your mix, click your favourite batch commands for instant macros. Shrink down to 1 fader or have a longview mode with 32 faders with the click of a single button. Increase fader resolution for extremely precise fader rides. The 4.0 software supports Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Ableton, Cubase, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Studio One, and LUNA.

Mixing on RAVEN 4.0 faders feels like the real thing.

And the layout isn’t just gorgeous, it’s also familiar:

It’s a mixing console.

For the advanced, users, click ADVANCED mode and you can get into our advanced batch command system for complex buttons and macros.

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