512 Audio: Professional audio gear for content creators

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512 Audio: Professional audio gear for content creators

Words by Sam McNiece

Affordable solutions for studio quality sound.

Headed up by the Warm Audio crew, 512 Audio is on a mission to help creators connect with their audience. Their new line of microphones and audio equipment is definitely priced in the right region for this market and look very professional.

What you need to know:

  • 512 Audio have launched their first offering of products dedicated to capturing the human voice.
  • There’s a dynamic and condenser microphone, a headphone plus accessories such as a pop filter and a boom arm.
  • 512 Audio is developed by the Warm Audio team, as an entry-level product line for creators.

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Freshly launched, 512 Audio is an Austin-based brand building professional audio gear for creators. The line of products is developed by Warm Audio and is inspired by their line of products.

“Instead of focusing on the specs war, we thought about how audio gear would be used by people, what they want to create, and how they want to connect,” said Tommy Edwards, VP of Product Strategy for 512 Audio and Warm Audio. “512 Audio microphones and accessories are built to capture everything creators need and nothing they don’t. We specifically tuned the mics to focus on the frequencies that would deliver the most for the creators without any noise they don’t need. We wanted to deliver the best of pro audio in a tailor-made, uncomplicated way.”

This line of products features the Limelight dynamic vocal mic, Skylight condenser microphone, 512-BBA Boom Arm, Academy Headphones and 512-Pop mic pop filter. These are dedicated to creators with a strong focus on capturing vocals with clarity and warmth.

Let’s take a look at these microphones in a bit more depth. Limelight is a hypercardioid dynamic microphone with a built in pop shield and a switchable high pass filter. It looks very similar to an RE20 mic and is intended for the the same podcasting/content creating purposes. Next, the Skylight is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone which features a cardioid polar pattern and voice-tailored frequency response. This mic has a low profile shock mount and promises to deliver clean and natural sound.

“Living and working in Austin we are in the heart of a creator culture, but regardless of where you are, creator content dominates what we listen to and watch, ” said Bryce Young, founder and CEO of 512 Audio and Warm Audio. “We all have that creator whose content connects with us, whether it’s in music, gaming, politics, faith or passion projects. 512 Audio was our way to build audio gear specifically for creators to make closer connections to their audiences.”

Check out this video below for an intro to this new audio brand.

Head to 512 Audio for more information on these products and for local enquiries, get in touch with Studio Connections.