Reddick Guitars unveil Voyager modular guitar system

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Reddick Guitars unveil Voyager modular guitar system

Words by Sam McNiece

Swap your tone in seconds.

If there’s something that’s been popular over the past ten years, modular music gear would have to be up there. Now, Reddick Guitars furthers this to guitars, adding the Voyager modular guitar to their product line boasting 5 second tone changes with their new system.

What you need to know:

  • Reddick Guitars have released the Voyager modular guitar for preorder.
  • Pickup and control units are interchangeable through a snap in system which can be changed in 5 seconds.
  • Currently there are six pickup modules including classic single coil and humbucker configurations.

Read all the latest product news here.

Have you ever wanted to quickly change between your single coil and humbucker guitar but don’t want to carry multiple guitars with you? Or maybe you wanted the sound of both but couldn’t afford two quality guitars? Never fear, the Voyager is here.

After designing a guitar that was able to be disassembled and taken on the road with minimal form factor, Ian Reddick has created the Voyager, a modular guitar that makes wide tones accessible on one physical guitar.

This modular guitar system has interchangeable pickups and controls so you can change guitar tones on the fly. There’s six pickup modules currently available including single coil vintage and hot, tele, humbucker vintage, hot and PAF style.

The interchangable nature of the guitar means you’ll be able to order new pickup modules instead of completely new guitars when you’re looking for a different tone or feel.

The Voyager guitar itself features a modern asymmetrical “C” shape maple neck with 22 frets on a katalox fretboard. There’s Gotoh tuners and a string-through hard tail bridge, no love here for whammy bar enthusiasts.

The unique shape of this guitar is contoured for comfort and style, which combined with their “C” shape neck, will allow long hours of play with varied tone.

This guitar promises to offer “players an expanded sonic palette without compromises. But first and foremost, it is a great playing, great-sounding guitar.” We hope so.

Check out this video below showing off how the modular system works.

For more information on this Voyager modular guitar head to the Reddick website.