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Issue #332

Editor’s note:

I’m writing this to you after pulling close to 50 hours in the Studio this week, performing some of the most thankless and unglamourous audio tasks imaginable.

Granted it was paid and it ended up forming an important part of what may end up a decent enough record, but the monotony of it all had me rethinking the very notion of the studio and what the term actually even means at this point. After all, studios are art spaces-artful this was not.

It got me thinking about the old Art vs Science trope and how we are constantly straddling this line as audio engineers. I mean, in what other scientific field is your personal taste so consistently relied upon (and readily brought into question?)

Studios and audio engineers are there to facilitate the artist’s creativity (even if it’s you wearing both caps). Creativity is meaningless if we are unable to execute it, just the same as a recording facility is a barren shell if there is no art to fuel it. These are the kind of things to think about when saving for monitors or room treatment.

Broad brushstrokes people. Little victories.


The Editor.