Inside The Wolf Den – A closer look at Wolf Guitars

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Inside The Wolf Den – A closer look at Wolf Guitars

Wolf Guitars Fremantle

An exciting exhibitor at this year’s Melbourne Guitar Show, we take a closer look at Fremantle's Wolf Guitars.

Exhibiting at this year’s Melbourne Guitar Show, Wolf Guitars is managed and run by She Wolf Erica Buckley, and the brand’s HQ, ‘The Wolf Den’, at Freo Guitars in Fremantle, was conceived after Co-Founder Peter McCallum, an emergency medical officer working at an exploration mine site in the Pilbara, wanted to purchase a decent guitar to take to site to play during his down time. A long and thorough search on the world wide web led Peter to a manufacturer renowned worldwide for the quality of the electric guitars they produce.

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After purchasing two beautifully appointed sample guitars that sounded phenomenal, co-founder and seasoned  businesswoman Erica encouraged Pete’s belief that these guitars would excite and thrill musicians searching for sensibly priced instruments that far exceed the quality/price equation. 

All Wolf Guitars Australia instruments leave the Wolf Den in an all inclusive, state of the art Wolf Guitars Australia hard case – gig-ready, reliable and dressed to thrill. Upgrades and modifications are available on all of the She Wolf models, however, clients are of course encouraged to get to know the guitars as they come before making any modification requests. 

So what makes a Wolf Guitar? Put simply, they are beautifully crafted, well equipped, sonically brilliant electric guitars and basses. Wolf makes both solid and semi hollow bodied electric guitars. More importantly, the guitars fall at a reasonable price point, making them accessible to players that choose to spend their hard earned money on a professional instrument rather than a brand they have been told to buy. Having said that, Wolf certainly doesn’t don’t compromise on quality.

In every sense of the word, Wolf Guitars are a professional musician’s instrument that will stand their ground comfortably alongside guitars three times their price.

Built in Vietnam to the brand’s specifications, all Wolf Guitars Australia models are finished in Fremantle Western Australia with a restring, upgraded grover or gotoh tuners, a fret-level, crown and polish, electronics and component upgrade and check, truss-rod check, action and intonation check and a certificate of service and authenticity. They are all equipped with phenomenal howling wolf overwound, high output pickups and Wolf’s own quantum circuitry and components. Where possible, Wolf sources sustainable tone and fretboard woods, and their manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and ethically minded.

Wolf Guitars Australia also manufactures their own high quality true bypass and analogue effects pedals, which are hand painted by local Fremantle artists. Progressive, innovative, relentless and brilliant – Wolf Guitars Australia are undoubtedly about to go Global. 

Learn more about Wolf Guitars here. For more info on the Melbourne Guitar Show, head to their website.