In Focus: TC Helicon GoXLR Online Broadcaster Platform

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In Focus: TC Helicon GoXLR Online Broadcaster Platform

Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

Modern content creation, streaming and video can take a lot of work interfacing multiple pieces of kit together. The GoXLR solves this.

TC Helicon

The GoXLR has taken the content creation industry by storm. It’s hugely functional, practical, while also occupying a small footprint on a maker’s desk, with USB connectivity to your computer. What’s more, it has optical connection to a gaming console, and multiple audio inputs and outputs for sending and receiving audio wherever you want it to go. Elevated further, the GoXLR is now available in white, able to become a statement piece on video streams, or alternatively blend in a bit better with the aesthetic of your video; the different colour options expanding the online broadcaster range on a largely visual medium.

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The GoXLR combines processes and functions in what would usually take multiple pieces of hardware into one unit, notwithstanding all the software those hardware pieces need to function and interface with each other. The GoXLR is a four channel mixer, with LCD scribble strips to denote what each (motorised) fader is controlling, each of them having a mute button available. This allows you to blend your audio quickly and easily, an app also allows you to save and recall your settings quickly and easily.

GoXLR Online Broadcaster Platform

Easily accessible, studio-quality effects are available via four encoder knobs for Reverb, Pitch adjust, Echo and Morph formant shift controls. Additional effects include Megaphone, Robot and Hardtune, as well as an FX button. Use this for musical performance and recording, or as a way to fire off samples, sounds or effects on a podcast. Having these sounds available live rather than in post helps podcast guests and audiences watching your stream engage more as it happens. Streaming live relies intensively on audience engagement, and the GoXLR helps offer all of this easily for a smooth, issue-free stream.

GoXLR back

The purpose of the GoXLR is to facilitate content creation, giving as much function at your fingertips as it can manage. You can easily integrate a whole rig from your computer, gaming console and recording device as well as being able to send audio to a few places including a line out or a headphone output for you to hear yourself back. The line out could be used to monitor yourself live without headphones, or playback sounds to immerse yourself in your content. Input wise, there’s an XLR in, with phantom power if you need it, as well as a 3.5mm microphone input for use depending on what you have available.

There’s an onboard sampler, with four pads and a ‘Clear’ button. Two of the biggest buttons are a ‘Cough’ button, used to mute yourself momentarily, as well as a ‘!@#$?*’ button to be used to censor for a moment: both a professional addition to have, as well as a comedic one. The audio input itself has compression, gating and de-essing available, all with a Midas preamp with 70dB of low-noise gain.

All of this works concurrently, allowing you to mix audio, quickly adapt to a live stream or game, as well as having the connectivity to sync with a couple of systems at once. With multiple computers to handle audio, recording and streaming, it can eat away at processing power required for your gaming. The GoXLR, especially the white model, helps you to integrate seamlessly into your existing rig both aesthetically and sonically, the white finish adding a clean feel to the system as a whole. The tech itself allows you to keep complete control at your fingertips, mixing sources and sounds, interfacing multiple pieces of kit, a nice-quality mic preamp and effects, samples and tools available to make sure you sound the best you can, while keeping your stream, gaming and music consistent and pristine.

The GoXLR brings a lot of connections together, helping creators in the reasonably new industry of content creation. Tech can be hard to integrate and interface, requiring multiple pieces of hardware to do seemingly simple tasks, with only a few audio inputs and outputs, but the GoXLR ties it all together. You can easily connect everything you need to stream, record, monitor and game, with a mixer available to blend sounds, LCD scribble strips to denote what sources are on which fader, all recallable if need be. Keep your audio consistent with a de-esser, noise gate and compressor for the mic input, as well as a quick-mute ‘Cough’ and ‘!@#$?*’ censor button, a really handy and practical feature for the reality of live streaming and video making!


The GoXLR is an industry-changing piece of kit, now made more aesthetically pleasing in a white finish. The four motorised and recallable faders, effects on board and sampler allow a myriad of options, while the analogue audio inputs and outputs couple nicely with the USB connectivity and optical gaming connection allow you to tie a whole lot of equipment together into a tidy package, all accessible on the GoXLR, with good looks and practical layout to boot. The GoXLR is the go-to for streaming and content creation, a piece built for the makers, all in the interest of making engaging, high-quality content.

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