Ultimate streaming setup: optimising audio with Shure microphones

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Ultimate streaming setup: optimising audio with Shure microphones

Shure SM7dB
Words by Rob Gee

There is a lot of great content out there now, be it in video format found on YouTube or similar video streaming sites, in podcasts on Spotify and others, or on live streams in a host of applications.

We have never been more connected than we are today, and we can now find out just about everyone’s opinion on just about any topic. The hard part for listeners is filtering through the sea of questionable content to find the quality. So, it is essential as a content producer to deliver a quality in both content and production that allows you to stand tall and be heard. With all that they bring to the table, the development team at Shure probably aren’t going to be able to help you create meaningful, engaging content. That part is up to you.

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Shure microphones

What they can do is ensure your delivery of said content is top quality with a range of microphones that will make your podcast, video or livestream sound professional and polished. Quality content can be let down by poor production, and in a world that is heavily engaged with podcasts, the audio quality is often the most essential element. So, why put all that effort in to end up with a result you’re not entirely happy with? Get your sound right at the very beginning, from the start of the signal chain, and you’ll have a lot less to worry about further down the track. With Shure’s range of professional microphones, you too can have audio that rivals the biggest names on the internet, created for your home, to share with the world.


There’s a reason why certain microphones become classics. Part of it comes down to the look, and let’s face it, many a big-name YouTube or podcast presenter can be seen sitting behind the daunting mass of a Shure SM7B. If you want the look, the professional broadcaster image, there is no microphone in existence that quite captures the grandeur of the Shure SM7B. It’s a behemoth, and when mounted on an articulated boom arm, it is probably the most common sight in broadcasting and podcasting alike. Get the look, and get the views. But, if you really want your audience to listen, the sound quality needs to stand up too. Which is exactly what it does with the SM7B. A truly diverse vocal microphone that works wonderfully with both male and female vocals, its capsule instantly elevates your production with a deep tone that has become a stalwart in the Shure collection of sounds. 


For those who are looking for a little extra kick in their sound, the SM7db is going to get your attention. Based on the classic flat, wide range sound response of the SM7B, this microphone comes with a built-in preamp for an even bigger sound. The SM7dB offers either +18db or +28db of additional gain on top of the SM7B sound. More gain, means a louder recording, right? Not entirely. What this does offer is the ability to boost your signal at the start of the chain and increase the immediate audio capture for better noise reduction and a clearer sound. You can pull the volume back, so it sits well in the mix, but having that extra headroom at the front allows for a more articulated response when you’re not the loudest of spoken voices. 

With the built in suspension to ensure mechanical noise transmission is at a minimum and the large pop filter that sits around the capsule’s housing, environmental noises are kept negligible, and your voice is brought right up in the recording. And after all, your voice should be the star of the show, so you want it to be heard, and very little else. Add to that, a bypass on the preamp, to revert back to the classic SM7B response, that this microphone becomes an extremely tactile unit for any streamer.


When a good preamp, or audio interface is not an option, and you’re in need of an “all-in-one” solution for voice recording, the MV7 could be the alternative microphone to suit your requirements. Based on the classic SM7B, this slightly more compact unit is all about the smaller setup. It has a built-in preamp and digital audio converter, so you can run straight into your laptop via USB. No fussing about, just great quality audio and a reduced price, and with reduced effort. This is the compact podcast microphone that stands tall next to the big boys, and is an ideal solution for recording environments that suffer from external noise. If your space isn’t perfect, that doesn’t mean your results have to be too. The excellent noise reduction from this microphone allows for home recording in just about any room. With the use of a mini tripod, it acts as a great, compact desk solution when you need multiple microphones set up for interview situations. A pair of these combined with the ShurePlus MOTIV app will enable you to create professional results with ease.

Whether you want classic sound, modern gain, or compact portability, the range of microphones from Shure really are at the top of the game. They have the look, but more importantly, they have the sound. If you’ve ever wondered why your YouTube video doesn’t sound as good as the ones that get all the hits, a lot of that answer stems back to the very source of the recording. So, if you want to take your streaming to the next level, check out these microphones now at your local Shure dealer. They will be able to recommend the best model to suit your needs and sculpt your sound. 

For local Shure enquiries, visit Jands Australia.