In Focus: Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel

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In Focus: Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel

savvy touch rocket fuel
Words by Lewis Noke Edwards

There’s not much that a healthy lifestyle and the right ingredients can’t help.

Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel is one such product full of the right ingredients designed to help clear congestion in your nose and throat, creating a healthy respiratory system which is critical for a singer. The rigours of touring, recording, and performing can take their toll on your throat, and a packed room won’t accept much less than your very best night after night. Rocket Fuel’s hashtags #3drops and #3seconds speak to its ability to quickly and efficiently help you to breathe, perform, and recover better than performing without it. Fronting a band requires consistent repetition, no matter where you’re doing it, and Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel can be a huge help in the studio, rehearsing, or on the stage.

Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel review

Performing set after set can really take its toll on your vocal chords, even for softly sung vocals or spoken word. The reality of touring means a lot of time in enclosed spaces such as planes, vans, or buses, and the air con or heating in these can chip away at your vocal chords’ ability to perform at their best when you need them. Louder vocals that require more power can be helped with better breathing and a clearer respiratory system, as can raspy or screamed vocals often associated with hard rock and heavy metal.

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While these singers use specific techniques to avoid shredding their vocal chords, the reality of performing every night is the same, and the energy and passion required for performance at any level can have us slipping in and out of technique, quickly eating away at our body’s ability to recover before the next set. Travelling in close proximity with a band or touring party encourages colds and sickness, and a product like Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel is ideal as a secret weapon for this inevitability.

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Recording music is a unique roadblock, often requiring a consistent vocal across an entire record and countless takes trying to get ‘the one’. Famously, Butch Vig remembers hearing Kurt Cobain’s vocal slowly deteriorating throughout the recording of Nevermind, and can recall the order that vocals were recorded in because of how weary Kurt’s vocals are from song to song. Keeping your voice fresh from the start could be the best thing you can do for a record, and Savvy Touch can help, Rocket Fuel being a unique product to keep your respiratory system clear, fresh and ready from the start of recording.

What makes Rocket Fuel so unique is that it’s not a product made specifically for singers and vocalists, nor is it designed to coat the throat or unnaturally aid a vocalist, so you can use it knowing your muscle memory when pitching won’t suffer from any unfamiliar feelings. Rocket Fuel is available in 50, 100, and 250mL dropper bottles, so you can take the smaller bottles on board while flying. Rocket Fuel is made from ingredients such as active manuka honey, menthol crystals, and eucalyptus oil to name a few, and three small drops has your head and chest feeling fresh and full of air. There’s aloe vera to help any raspy or pushed singing and screams, while peppermint and lemon oil give it a unique taste and fresh feeling. Deionised water helps keep everything clear for those whistle notes right after the keychange.

In addition to helping keep your mouth and throat feeling their best, Rocket Fuel helps singers take in more oxygen to perform at their peak. Marketed as an all-around respiratory miracle drop, Rocket Fuel can help sports people when taken 15-20 minutes before exercise, and can help musicians both on and off the stage. Our health helps inform our performance, and even when we’re not singing, dancing, and jumping, we need to be taking care of ourselves, and Rocket Fuel is there for an extra push.

As musicians, it’s our life off the stage that makes the most difference to the music we make. It’s really important to exercise, eat well, and take care of ourselves, as well as avoid burnout so we can continue working towards our goals, and living life that ultimately makes the memories that we write lyrics about.

Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel

Products like Savvy Touch Rocket Fuel help us breathe better, giving our brains more oxygen to focus and keep the blood pumping. On the stage, Rocket Fuel is an unparalleled, natural option to keep your airways clear and your mind focused. In the studio it can help us achieve a great vocal performance take after take, giving us a little relief from the wear and tear our vocals go through with constant repetition. This goes for rehearsing and touring as well, good health goes hand in hand with a good performance, and while none of us are superhumans, at least we’ve got Rocket Fuel that can help us look, and sound, like it.

Head to Savvy Touch for more information. For local enquiries, reach out to Gsus4.