In Focus: Pedaltrain Pedalboards

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In Focus: Pedaltrain Pedalboards

Words by Jamie Colic

Decades ago most players’ idea of what a decent pedalboard consisted of included stealing Mum's best chopping board and a packet of zip ties. 

In more recent years the tides have turned and pedalboards have become purpose-built pieces of professional equipment fine-tuned to deal with the rigours of the road and last a lifetime. Based in Nashville Tennessee, Pedaltrain have spearheaded the modern pedalboard movement servicing the needs of guitarists, bassists, DJ and electronica musicians, and orchestral players worldwide with their wide range of innovative, patented designs.

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Standing by their products with an uncompromised commitment to quality, Pedaltrain offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty with all of their products, setting the standard upon which other companies strive to abide. 

Starting as a simple one-man operation all the way back in 1999, this unwavering commitment to quality and precision has seen Pedaltrain grow into an international operation. 

From the utmost exclusive recording studios in the world right through the biggest orchestra pits, you can be assured that Pedaltrain are the best in the business.

All Pedaltrain pedalboards are hand-cut, hand-welded, and hand-finished to ensure that they are virtually indestructible. With no flimsy moving parts, screws or other points of potential failure these boards are rock solid and ready for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

Additionally, all Pedaltrain boards come with everything you need to attach your effects units, including professional grade zip ties and hook ‘n’ loop.

Acknowledging the pedigree behind this industry behemoth, it only makes sense to dive in further and take a closer look at just what Pedaltrain has to offer you on stage, at home or in the studio. 

PT-NPL-SC Pedaltrain Nano Plus With Softcase

Don’t let the smaller footprint of this pedalboard give you the wrong impression, the Nano Plus is an integral part of some of the most powerful rigs in the world. 

Similar to its little brother the Pedaltrain Nano, the Nano Plus offers an extra 4” of space—just enough to squeeze on a few extra pedals!

If this wasn’t enough the Pedaltrain Nano Plus also ships with a heavy-duty softline case ensuring that your board is safe and sound regardless of how you are travelling to your next gig.

PT-M16-HC Pedaltrain Metro 16 With Hardcase

The Metro series is Pedaltrain’s take on a three-rail pedalboard system, these pedalboards are an ideal solution for any players looking for an easy grab-and-go system for studio and stage use. 

Pedaltrain modified rail system means that musicians will find the Metro 16 compact enough to fit on any stage without needing to compromise on valuable pedalboard real estate. This is due to the board’s low profile and custom horizontal orientation.

A special Pedaltrain hard case sweetens the deal ensuring that when it comes to any performance you’re always ready to go at the drop of a hat.

PT-CLJ-SC Pedaltrain Classic JR With Softcase

Roosted amongst Pedaltrain’s best selling models, the Classic JR features Pedaltrain’s classic 4 rail design with traditional rail spacing. 

The open front of the Classic JR ensures that cable routing and mounting a power supply are no sweat. The included soft case also ensures that the Classic JR is ready to go whenever you need it.

Engineered to provide a wider stance and raised elevation, the Pedaltrain Classic JR is sure to be a hit with anyone after a stage board that’s ready to go the distance.

PT-N24-TC Pedaltrain Novo 24 With Tour Case

Packing a fresh design of one of Pedaltrain’s market leading designs, the Novo 24 features a new rail system, new depth/width ratios, and a tweaked open front design.

All of these factors combine to make what was already great even better, offering a fantastic solution for professionals who are looking for a pedalboard that’s ready to meet the demands of the road. 

Combine this with Pedaltrains tailor-fitted Tour Case and there won’t be much stopping you on your next run of shows here or abroad.

Pedaltrain XD18

PT-XD-SC Pedaltrain XD-18 With Softcase

A new offering in the Pedaltrain line, the XD series offers a new six-rail form factor with the familiar Novo spacing. 

An extra deep mounting surface offers a plethora of options, for example, the XD could easily accommodate a 3-pedal stack or comfortably house an expression pedal with no need for a cumbersome extension. 

The inclusion of Pedaltrains own heavy-duty soft-case makes this a fantastic deal for anyone looking for a deeper board. 

PT-JMAX-TCW Pedaltrain JR Max With Wheeled Tour Case In Black Honeycomb finish

Taking Pedaltrain’s fantastic Classic Jr form factor and expanding it considerably, the JR Max is a 28” x 12.5” four-railed pedalboard. 

Compatible with Pedaltrains patented VDL-MK and True Fit mounting brackets, you can be assured that the Pedaltrain JR Max offers a plethora of options when it comes to mounting power supplies and routing cables. 

Included in this package is Pedaltrain’s Wheeled Tour case in the classy Black Honeycomb finish. This newly designed road case includes plenty of storage compartments, added depth and high-quality casters that are sure to keep you rolling for years to come. 

Made with the same robust materials that customers have come to expect from Pedaltrain over 20 years of touring the world, you know that this case has been designed to handle as much abuse as the road can hurl at it, all while looking as stylish as ever!

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