Gear Talk: Steph Strings

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Gear Talk: Steph Strings

Words by Pete Hodgson

A chat with multi-instrumentalist Steph Strings ahead of her appearance at the 2023 Melbourne Guitar Show.

The Melbourne Guitar Festival returns to Caulfield Racecourse this March 4 and 5. Proudly presented by the Australian Music Association and Australian Musician, sponsored by Marsh and supported by Triple M, PBS, Beat and Mixdown, the show is dedicated to celebrating the worlds most popular instrument, from the players who play it to the builders who build it, the importers who import it, the retailers who retail it, and the listeners who love it. More than just an exhibition of the latest guitar stuff, it’s a cultural event packed with great musical performances and unparalleled networking experiences, whether you want to make yourself know to a brand you love or to just find new musicians to play with. 

The 2023 line-up includes many great names in guitar, including Nick Johnston, Eric Bibb, Hussy Hicks, Simon Hosford playing Yngwie Malmsteens Trilogy album in full, Kathleen Halloran, Lloyd Spiegel, Kyran Daniel, Phil Manning & Nick Charles, Blues Roulette, Josh Smith (Northlane), King Canyon, Chris Bieniek, Opal Ocean, Joyce Prescher, Marcel Yammouni, Corey Legge, Charlie Bedford, Monica Weightman, James Ryan and Leon Todd. Joining this already head-spinning list of artists is Steph Strings, a multi-instrumentalist with particular facility for great groovy acoustic guitar riffs and an enchanting sense of melody. We caught up with Steph for a quick Q&A.

So Steph! You’re playing the Melbourne Guitar Show this year! Say some stuff about that!

Ive always heard about the Melbourne Guitar Show but never known what happens at it, so Im so fascinated to go along AND perform too! There seems to be a lot of hype so Im very excited to play at the Show!

Have you done many of these more musician-geek-oriented events? 




What does the guitar mean to you? 

The guitar is my best friend, my lover and my teacher. I truly believe I wouldnt be a happy person if I didnt have my guitar as its my biggest form of flow, therapy, adventure and joy!

How did you develop your guitar style? Its so rhythmic and funky with such a great groove! 

I listen to lots of styles of music and grew up focusing on funk, blues and fingerstyle. I also checked out lots of John Butlers style of playing which is another reason why I have a rhythmic and funky groove!

 Tell us about your guitar/s! What do you use? What do you like about it? Is there anything on your wishlist? 

I play with Pratley! The main guitar I tour with is the OM Blackwood/Bunya with Cutaway (OM-SCE-BW/B). Recently in most of my videos I post online I use a smaller guitar which is Concert model with all Qld Fig body (C-SNCE-F/F). Both are warm but bright, natural and easy to play.

I dont really have anything on my wish list, but I think fold up guitars are pretty funny and efficient though!

We love the LION video! Its very evocative. Do you like making videos? How do they fit into your creativity? 

Thanks! I love it too! I adored making the video and I cant wait to make the next one. Creating visuals that sit with a tune really make the song explode. I feel like LION has way more weight, emotion and meaning now that it has a visual story connected to it. What makes it even cooler is that it is my actual story, so I feel even more connected to the song!

Keep up to date with Steph Strings here. For more information on the 2023 Melbourne Guitar show, head to their website.