Feature: Integrate Expo 2023

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Feature: Integrate Expo 2023

Words by By Andy Lloyd Russell

Sydney’s ICC Building is soon to be bustling with world leading Audio Visual tech as this years Integrate Expo gears up for a massive expansion of exhibitors.

With such a wide range of brands and products tee’d up for this year’s Integrate Expo, anyone remotely involved in the AV industry is sure to find something tantalising. With a massive focus on AI technology and integration across both the Integrate and Security Expo’s numerous specialist guest speakers, this year’s combined event promises to deliver plenty of engagement. 

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To help us gain some valuable insight into what to expect this year at Integrate, we caught up with Soren Norgaard – Commercial and Event Manager of Integrate, as well as a couple of main exhibitors for their take on this year’s event. 

Integrate 2023 has attracted an interesting array of new stakeholders and exhibitors from previous years, as Soren explained: 

“I guess society has evolved, industry has evolved, particularly with what’s happened over the last three or four years during Covid and that whole remote situation, there’s a lot of focus within industry on those technologies and we’re actually seeing that translate onto the show floor as well. 

“There’s more ICT companies that are playing in the AV space as well now.”

The merge of Integrate and Security Expo for the second year running is an important one, with a lot of crossover between the two in 2023. As Soren highlighted, “any big venue will have CCTV, a lot of big retails and venues will have control rooms, which is a hybrid between the surveillance and the monitors within the room, so it’s a combination of AV and security product and a lot of the consultants and integrators operate across both industries.” 

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There’s no better example of this than Axis Communications, as Clare Levine from the company alluded.

“Axis Communications enables a smarter and safer world by creating solutions for improving security and business performance. As a network technology company, Axis offers solutions in video surveillance, access control, intercom, analytics, and audio systems.” 

“Exhibiting on the Integrate side of the floor in order to effectively engage with customers,” Clare elaborated, “our booth will have an array of innovative solutions including network video surveillance, audio, intercom, and analytics suited to businesses of every size and industry; designed to address cybersecurity challenges head-on.”

The sheer number of exhibitors between both Integrate and Security Expo is nothing short of staggering this year, with something on display for everyone. Soren gave us an idea on what visitors can expect. 

”There’s a lot going on, not just on the show floor, but also on levels three and five. We’ve got fifteen demo rooms, showcasing, for example, the capabilities of an audio system. From last year to this year, we’ve more than doubled the footprint on the showroom floor. We’re looking at about 100 exhibitors, which is about 750 brands on the Integrate side of things.Then adding in Security, which has 200 exhibiting companies, so about 1200 brands represented. This takes up the whole bottom level of the ICC in Sydney,” He continues. 

One such exhibitor is Sennheiser Australia, who have been involved with Integrate for 10 years. Their exciting EW-DX wire range is sure to capture attention, as Lois shared – “Sennheiser’s digital wireless system, the EW-DX is a scalable, reliable and easy to install solution. Integrate 2023 attendees can see first-hand how Sennheiser’s Control Cockpit allows the microphone system to be effortlessly controlled and monitored remotely.” 

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Another of their exciting products which is being showcased for the first time in Australia, is the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family. 

“With powerful built-in microphones, loudspeakers, a 4k Ultra HD camera, and Dante integration, Sennheiser’s TC Bar Solutions have options for small (TeamConnect Bar S) or mid-sized (TeamConnect Bar M) meeting and collaboration spaces.”

With the massive integration of AI into the AV space, it wasn’t surprising to hear from Soren that there was a big AI focus for both sectors this year. 

“Yeah, well AI has been built into the Security industry for some time. A lot of the software that they use for their CCTV is identifying colours, profiling, if you’re looking for someone in a crowd for example. And on the AV side of things, there’s a lot of AI being incorporated in what we’re doing now with online meetings, such as online dictation, which is, voice profiling, so a board meeting will be done, the dictation will be done based on your voice. Things like real time translation too, so there’s lots going on in that space and in the live production space with things like auto cue.” 

For an exhibitor like Axis Communications, AI has been an integral part of some of this product. As Clare elaborated, “AI based solutions such as Axis Object Analytics provide customers with a proactive approach to security, allowing for better resource allocation and preventative measures to mitigate potential threats. In future, customers can use solutions such as Axis Object Analytics to provide insights into industry patterns and trends, enabling predictive analysis of security risks.” 

So the benefits of attending Integrate 2023? 

Soren revealed, “obviously it’s free to attend, so if you just want to come and check out what the products are on display, have some conversations and network, that’s free as long as you’re from the industry. We have Tech Talks on the Integrate side of things which is a packed program and is a ticketed event.” 

Lois shared his thoughts too.

“Integrate is an opportunity to uncover all the latest and greatest innovations in the AV industry and connect with the very experts that pioneer such cutting-edge technology. Visitors can see first-hand the products that are debuting in Australia, and better yet, test them for themselves to understand the technology that best suits their unique application.” 

Be sure not to miss out on Integrate Expo 2023 and register at integrate-expo.com