The DIY Musician: How To Get More Plays On Spotify

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The DIY Musician: How To Get More Plays On Spotify

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If your music isn’t on Spotify yet, then stop reading this and contact one of the many artist aggregator services available to get your music on it. The potential audience reach on Spotify outweighs the negatives of any costs involved. 


The real gem in Spotify’s services is their playlists. Based on the Pandora method of recommending playlists based on ‘similar artists’, Spotify playlists can be one of the most useful ways to generate interest in your music, as well as earn a little bit of cash from streaming revenue.


The challenge of Spotify playlists for a small, independent artist is actually getting your music listed in a desired playlist. Aggregator’s can help with this, however it is ultimately up to Spotify whether you are accepted on to a list or not.


Well now there is a new feature that can benefit all musicians. Spotify has recently launched a new program called Release Radar, which automatically curates new music for users based on the artists they are following. This is a huge win for musicians, as they now have a playlist tool that they can control.


Release Radar works by giving Spotify users a weekly selection of the new releases that matters most to them. It is updated every Friday, and features up to two hours of new music from users’ favourite artists, sprinkled in with some new discoveries based on their listening habits.


For an artist, it is now more important than ever to get your fans to follow you on Spotify, as your new music will automatically be added to their Release Radar playlist.


Starting to piece together what you have to do? It’s simple. Your first step (if you haven’t already) is to get your music on Spotify! Once you have, ask your fans to follow you on the music streaming platform. Perhaps scheduling a Facebook advert or sending out an email to your mailing list could be the best way to get the news out there.


Once your fans are on Spotify and are following you, your strategy is simple. Release NEW music! If you’re a new user, perhaps only start with one single on Spotify, then scatter your single releases over a couple of weeks to maximise your playlist exposure.


With Release Radar, you can expect to see your total plays sky rocket on each of your tracks, as long as you have a decent following on Spotify. So if you don’t have your music listed, don’t wait any longer. If you do? Start an ad campaign now to get your fans following you. Your next release is about to go viral. 


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