Six regional Australian artists to check out in isolation

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Six regional Australian artists to check out in isolation

Nancie Schipper

This Warrnambool artist has just been getting better and better. After supporting stars like Jack River and Gretta Ray, you’ve probably seen her live without even knowing it. Her songs can please any type of music fan, ‘Potholes’ is tranquil and will put tears in your eyes, and ‘Take Out The Trash’ is the kinda track you should blast on an essential drive. The Triple J Unearthed High alum’s phenomenal songwriting ability will dazzle you, so get on her now before she becomes a household name. Buy her stuff here.




Possibly one of the most talented acts to ever come from the outer stretch of the ACT, Tiarnie’s about as awesome as they come. A recent performer on Ali Barters Instagram Open Mic Night, Tiarnie’s music is clearly influenced by Ali’s, especially through her ability to weave such meaningful and deep stories into great rock songs. Her music is full of so many different elements, and with influences like Cold Chisel, Ruby Fields and Leonard Cohen, Tiarnie’s vast music tastes have made her latest EP Consistently Inconsistent an absolute masterpiece. It will hold in you in every time you listen to it, we promise.




Hailing from rural Victoria, Pollyman’s George Wilson might be of the best unearthed songwriters of our time. The very early 70’s rock inspired songs on his band’s debut self-titled album will take you on a journey. He’s taken the best of The Beatles, Bowie, and Big Star and mixed it with a modern feel, with the result being some pretty mind-blowingly good songs. A recent addition to Victorian Government’s Delivered Live series, Pollyman deserve all the recognition they are getting, plus more. Check out their debut album here.



Beddy Rays 

This Redland Bay group first met all the way back in primary school, giving them a natural chemistry that oozes through their seasoned sound. Beddy Rays have said that their biggest influence is Green Day, and when mixed with their beachy roots, the combination makes for some pretty sick surf-rock songs if you ask me. If you’re a fan of bands like Dune Rats and Hockey Dad, (both of which they’ve toured with), you’ll really dig this band. Chuck their debut album Lost Found Beat Around on for a cruisy afternoon of putting back beverages – you won’t regret it. 



Bones and Jones

Another band that reminds us of the early days of music, Bones and Jones are another killer regional group who are merge classic rock influences into their work to masterful effect. With an undeniable vibe remniscent of the finest tunes from the ’60s, Bones and Jones could easily rise up the ranks to be seen as heavyweights in the Australian scene. Although they’ve only been around for a few years, you can already hear how confident they’ve become, with the classic rock stylings of their recent album Bees showing conisderable progess from the tones of their debut single ‘Donna’. Check ’em out here




Following in the footsteps of solo wunderkinds like G-Flip and Tash Sultana, Bluebone looks set to claim the title as the next virtuosic instrumentalist to grace the Australian airwaves. Also known as Danny Christensen, this performer studied at the Musician’s Institute of California before starting his Bluebone project, so you know he’s got the talent. This project features a noted emphasis on soul and R&B, but with influences such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Legend and Nina Simone, it seems clear that this one man band’s music simply can’t be pinned down by genre.



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