Mixdown’s Top 5: Signature Guitars Of 2016 (So Far)

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Mixdown’s Top 5: Signature Guitars Of 2016 (So Far)


Ernie Ball Music Man ‘Valentine’ James Valentine Signature

Featuring a slab ash body and two custom fitted Ernie Ball Music Man designed pickups (1 humbucker and single coil), the Valentine is easy on the eyes. With a neatly fitted pickguard, 25.5 inch scale and pressed roasted maple neck with a 10-inch radius maple fingerboard, the Maroon 5 guitarist’s axe oozes with class. The guitar is easily one of the most eye-catching guitars we have seen in 2016, and shows incredible versatility from EBMM.


Framus Devin Townsend

Devon Townsend’s signature Framus looks like parts of a spaceship have been salvaged and formed into a guitar, which wouldn’t be too far fetched considering it’s Devin Townsend we are talking about here. The German built guitar has a mahogany neck and a special tiger-stripe ebony fretboard, giving Townsend firm ground to shred his way through the 22 jumbo frets and 24.75 inch flamed-maple neck top. One of Townsend trademarks is the evertune bridge, which has been a popular choice in 2016. 


PRS SE Mark Holcomb Signature

Continuing the list of hall of fame shredders is Mark Holcomb, who makes up 1 of 3 of the guitarist for progressive metal outfit Periphery. Now fitted with his own PRS SE series, the guitar captures characteristics of his previous model and presents new and exciting additions. Having a maple neck for warmth and clarity, the 20-inch radius fretboard is built thinner, allowing easier motion of playing. Boasting its smooth maple veneer tone, Holcomb had his signature Seymour Duncan Omega and Alpha pickups with a 3–way switchable blade pickup switch; the guitar soars versatility and is specially made for Holcomb’s flexible style of playing.


Epiphone Brent Hinds Flying V Custom

In what has already been a huge year for Epiphone, one of their highlights of 2016 so far is their collaboration with Mastodon’s Bret Hinds and his signature Custom Epiphone Flying V. Hinds has been a frequent user of the Epiphone Flying V guitars over the years, however it is only this year that Hinds had developed his own signature with Epiphone. With a mahogany body and matched neck with a 12-inch radius, the Flying V has a Grover Rotomatic 18:1 ratio turners. In tune with Mastodon’s signature sound, Hind’s Custom V harbours a heavy yet dynamic lace U.S signature Hinds Hammer Claw Humbuckers. 


Reverend Billy Corgan Signature

Aiming for versatility in modern guitars, Smashing Pumpkin’s own Billy Corgan needed balance between innovation, creation, clarity and power. Corgan’s Reverend Signature is a fresh design with classic and modern elements that come together in a very unique way. The guitar has a raised center section allowing thinner wings and chambers under the pickguard to help lightened the weight of the guitar. The guitar is fitted with a string-thru bridge providing added sustain and percussive attack. The guitar gives a modern yet classic retrospective appearance, having a aluminium pickgaurd and classic chunk humbucker pickups with a p90 snap pickup.