Mixdown’s Top 5: Budget Acoustic Guitars

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Mixdown’s Top 5: Budget Acoustic Guitars


Seagull S6 Cedar Original

This guitar is extremely well renowned as far as entry-level guitars go, and has won multiple awards as a testament to its quality. With wild cherry wood back and sides complimenting the cedar top, the Canadian company brings something a little different to the table. The cherry wood sound sits somewhere between mahogany and maple, and is one of few ecologically friendly choices at this price point. At $999 it only just fits into our price category, but it is nonetheless an interesting guitar at a good price.

Timberidge TRFC-MM Acoustic Guitar

From Timberidge’s Messenger range of guitars, the TRFC-MM is a slightly smaller bodied cutaway acoustic that will appeal to a host of guitarists straying from bigger bodied instruments. There are a host of reasons for wanting something a little smaller in size and shape that still holds up as a solid instrument be it sound, feel or playability and the MM adds that option to the Messenger line. Good for chords, picking and everything in between, it’s a flexible all-rounder for those looking for something more than a beginner guitar or not wanting to spend mega bucks.

Blueridge BR-43 Contemporary 000

For the beginner looking at a decent but playable guitar, the BR-43 is a hot contender, with a small body and slim neck perfect for learning on. The low price of this Blueridge guitar doesn’t mean that it isn’t a solid instrument, with every care taken to ensure quality. A spruce top, hand-carved braces, mahogany back and sides and traditional dovetail neck joint are all markers of quality found onboard, meaning that this guitar could well sit in a much higher price bracket.

Recording King RD-10 Dreadnought

While the Blueridge above is smaller and perhaps more nimble, the RD-10 is for player who want the booming sound of a Dreadnought with all-solid tonewoods. Delivering rich, warm sounds from a simple and familiar design, the Recording King would make a perfect back up or even main guitar for the studio or the stage. Guitars with all-solid tonewoods are rarely sighted at this price point with this quality, so this might be one to jump on if it is the kind of thing you’re after.

Martin LX1 Little Martin

As the smallest guitar of this lot, you might forgive the Little Martin for lacking the tone or power of some of the bigger instruments, but Martin ensures that the smaller body produces high quality tone with lots of versatility. Alongside the surprising advantage of its great tone, the guitar’s size makes it ideal for travel, busking, practice or just noodling away on the couch at home. It is perhaps the most versatile guitar of the lot, and is definitely far from a novelty, so even if you aren’t looking for an undersized guitar, the LXI might be worth checking out.