Melbourne’s Vanishing Point boast heights of epic prowess with their sixth studio album Dead Elysium

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Melbourne’s Vanishing Point boast heights of epic prowess with their sixth studio album Dead Elysium

Now, remember the other releases of that year and you will understand why this is such a statement to make. It was an incredibly well produced, written and performed album. And a MONSTER of a release clocking in at just over an hour and consisting of 14 tracks overall. So it’s follow up was going to be a mammoth task in itself following such a pinnacle for the band, etched some six years back.


The latest release Dead Elysium tackles equal heights of epic prowess, with its ten tracks clocking in at just a fraction under the one hour mark. No intros or interludes to be seen also means we are treated to ten fully loaded tracks of elite melodic metal. The mix itself is the first thing of note, as it seems to have taken a slightly darker overtone when you listen to the crystal clear production on ‘Distant Is The Sun’. Not that it is anything but crystal clear in itself, it just has a different mood about it from the get go – which I quite liked I’ll admit.


Performance on this album is world class. Tight, punchy rhythms complement and weave in and out of the key compositions which are incredibly moody and at times, soar to heights others fail in every attempt to acheive. The mood these combined elements work together to create is a perfect mix between engaging and emotive. Also of note is the brilliantly creative guitar work of co-founding member Chris Porcianko under the watchful eye of producer Dean Wells, somewhat of an Aussie guitar hero in his own right.


Song highlights through the journey (and this album is a journey I will tell you) for me were the opener ‘Dead Elysium’ and the amazing ‘Shadow World’ which might be the shortest song on the record but an absolute beast.


Full of intelligent songwriting, catchy riffs, hooky licks and a wonderful vocal performance from Silvio Massaro from start to finish, I am sure if you have been a fan of the veterans in Vanishing Point like a lot of us have been for some time, then you are definitely going to love this latest release. 


If you have not had the pleasure of hearing their work then this is your perfect opportunity to start on a high note.



Vanishing Point’s new album Dead Elysium is out now – order a copy here. This review was originally published via Forte Magazine.