Guitar Lesson: More Legato Licks!

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Guitar Lesson: More Legato Licks!


Figure A uses some Mixolydian sounds. Pick the first note on each new string and hammer on the remaining notes. Work on your articulation to keep the hammered notes the same dynamic as the picked notes and remember to roll your little finger on the last two notes (B and E) of the lick.


Whilst long legato lines can sound great, it’s also worth experimenting with small phrases. Combine these snippets with other rhythms and you can get some interesting syncopated ideas (Figure B). Try this lick over an Am6/9 or even a D7 or D9.


Figure C works over a II-V progression. Watch the slides with your 3rd finger from E to G in the first bar and G to A in the second bar. The F# semi tone bend in the second bar adds another dynamic to the sound. It’s worth trying both your 3rd and 4th fingers when jumping for the last note of the phrase (C#) to work out the most comfortable and clear sounding option for you.


To finish, try this straight sixteenth note line (Figure D). You should be able to sweep the E and G notes near the start of the phrase, with consecutive down strokes across the D and G strings and the C and E on the B and high E strings. Make sure of the slide from E to G across the last note of Bar 1 and the first note of Bar 2. This moves you into position to play the end of the phrase in the higher registers.


We’ll get stuck into a different topic next issue. In the meanwhile, we’d love to hear any feedback, comments, suggestions or ideas. Until then, keep on practicing and gigging guys and gals!