Supro reissue the infamous Ozark electric guitar

Designed With Vintage Purists In Mind

After relaunching their classic Dual Tone and Tri Tone models for 21st century players, Supro have announced their plans to reissue the Ozark, a student model from their 1950s catalogue famously played by Jimi Hendrix.

Staying true to the design of the original model, the Ozark features a single Aluma 90 pickup designed by Lace Music to replicate the tones of the original Ozark's Valco lap steel pickup. Funnily enough, the pickup is mounted on a steel baseplate alongside the bridge and the volume and tone controls of the instrument, giving it a unique resonance and making it particularly suitable for slide tones.



Elsewhere, the Ozark features a mahogany body with a glued-on maple neck, with a constrasting black satin finish and a pau ferro fretboard. It's a barebones guitar, but it looks damn cool, and we can assure that it'll absolutely ooze vintage mojo out the wazoo. The Ozark was supposedly also one of the first electric guitars owned by Jimi Hendrix, which is a very, very cool flex from the company.



Each Ozark is hand numbered by the Supro team, and comes with a deluxe gig bag to ensure it cops no hard knocks in transit. 


Head to Dynamic Music to find out more about getting Supro products in Australia.