Teenage Engineering officially launch the Pocket Operator Modular Series

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Teenage Engineering officially launch the Pocket Operator Modular Series

The Pocket Operator series, which got off to a shaky start after orders for the units were canceled shortly after being announced at NAMM in January, is now available to purchase on Teenage Engineering’s website. 



Comprised of three different kits – the yellow 400 kit, the red 170 kit and the standalone burgundy 16 – act as a portable, ‘poor mans’ entry into modular synthesis. The 400 complete modular kit includes 16 modules and three oscillators, allowing users to build and patch their own modules to create weird and wonderful sounds, while the 170 kit features nine modules and a single oscillator with a sequencer and membrane keyboard for further control. On the other hand, the Pocket Operator Modular 16 eschews the modules to offer a standalone tunable keyboard and sequencer for all your portable electro jams.



To top it all off, Teenage Engineering have linked up with Swedish artist Esther to utilise the Pocket Operator modular series in her track ‘Kvällsgäst’, which you can watch above. This looks like a super fun little series for synth geeks and hobbyists alike, and we can’t wait to see what soundscapes people can squeeze out from their own Pocket Operator Modular creations.


Check out the Pocket Operator Modular Series over at Teenage Engineering