Reviewed: Audio-Technica ATH-M60x Professional Monitor Headphones

Audio-Technica Australia | | Expect to Pay: $299

There’s no doubt that Audio-Technica has produced some classic pairs of headphones over the last forty or so years. Many of us have our favourites and have held onto certain models for years. With the success of the ATH-M50X studio headphones, it was always going to be hard for Audio-Technica to deliver a new set of cans that could stand alongside them and shine even brighter. It is for that reason that I was just a little bit excited to be able to unbox a pair of the new ATH-M60X Professional Monitor Headphones this month. I wasted no time in plugging them in and hearing what was on offer.

Straight out of the box, I went for the short cable, mostly because that was packaged on top and I wanted to get these up and running right away. Once I had them in operation, it was then prudent to check and find that a longer cable and curly cable are also supplied, along with a soft leatherette carry pouch. The shorter of the cables is ideal for listening at an audio workstation or with portable audio players when you’re on the go. There’s really no need to have unnecessary lengths of cable getting in the way in these situations.


With the cable installed, it was a simple matter of squeezing the cans on either side to find the right fit. They comfortably sit atop of the head without completely covering the ears. They’re very lightweight, yet still surprisingly rugged in build. These are headphones that you can listen with for extended periods of time and not worry about any strain.


Look, I don’t have to go on at length about it, but these headphones do sound pretty good. There is no absence of low frequencies, and a snappy top end and fast transient response means that all the brightness in your instruments is clearly detailed. But it’s the balance across the entire frequency response that counts. Vocals sit nicely in the mix, and all instruments can be heard clearly. The best part is that you’re able to hear the faults in the mix quite easily. Of course, you’re not going to rely on these for critical mixing, but when you do want a different point of reference, they allow you to hear a lot of what is going on in the mix. This means when you use them for the sheer enjoyment of listening, you’ll hear plenty of detail in your choice of tunes and will get the most from your music.


And here’s something else: they are actually very comfortable to wear with glasses. Many headphones tend to pinch around the ears—these do not. If your eyes are a little fatigued and need some assistance, these headphones won’t clash with your glasses or cause you any issues.


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Hits and Misses


Lightweight and comfortable

Extremely detailed and responsive

Great for any style of music


None to report here