Reviewed: Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Studio Microphone

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Reviewed: Blue Microphones Yeti Pro Studio Microphone

Words by Mixdown Staff

Innovative Music | | Expect to Pay: $399

This is the microphone that can do it all, for musicians, podcasters, engineers, interviewers and just about anyone else. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a manufacturer focused on producing a microphone that’s ideal for beginners, yet still delivers the quality that would be expected by more advanced users. Anyone serious about audio quality and looking for ease of use should consider the Yeti Pro Studio from Blue Microphones.

Designed for use in a range of applications, this is a beautiful sounding condenser microphone that delivers the tonal quality we have come to expect from Blue. Used as a USB converter or direct stereo out to an existing preamp, there are plenty of options for the Yeti Pro Studio.

It will work as a standalone device that becomes the entirety of your recording front-end, or can very easily be integrated into an existing signal path just like any traditional condenser microphone would. The stereo XLR output allows for the Figure of 8 pickup pattern to be used in a two-person recording situation, with stunning results on two separate tracks.

This makes the Yeti Pro Studio an exceptional studio interview microphone that can be set up very easily. USB connection and monitoring ensures it’s super easy to get great results with any software, such as the included PreSonus Studio One Artist and iZotope Nectar Elements.

This is a heavy microphone, but don’t worry – it comes on a suitably heavy base, allowing it to sit stable on any bench and can easily be angled to suit your recording needs. A combination of traditional condenser and USB microphone, with the option of using either output forms, this is a very cleverly designed microphone that will bring great tone to any recording along with a range of options and possibilities.

Ideal for beginners and advanced users alike, the Yeti Pro Studio is a microphone that will continue to deliver results as your needs develop. Yes, it doesn’t lend itself to use with standard suspension mounts, so it doesn’t integrate with certain stands for use standing up in a vocal booth, but this is very much designed to be a desktop microphone. The heavy housing and subsequently heavy stand certainly reduces unwanted vibrations getting into the signal.

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