Fender Play is giving away free lessons for three months

Limited To The First 100,000 Users

Looking for something to keep your brain busy during lockdown? Fender Play has got you covered - they're giving away 100,000 free three month subscriptions to anyone in need of guitar lessons during this weird period.

We're all sure you're somewhat acquainted with Fender Play - it's an online platform that teaches you licks, tracks and little lessons via instructor guided videos. Whether you want to learn guitar, bass or ukulele, you'll be able to access as much content as you want over the three month span, which is more than enough to get you cracking on your chops. 



If you want to get in, you'll have to be quick - we're sure those 100,000 slots will be snapped up pretty hard. Grab your code here, and thank us later. 


Find out more about Fender Play here.