Fender launch limited edition Raw Ash American Performer models

Rugged And Raw

Want the raw, wooden guitar look without the ordeal of painstakingly stripping all the paint from your precious geet? Don't worry - Fender's got you sorted.

Fender have launched a new limited edition run of American Performer Stratocasters and Telecasters which are totally void of any paint. These new Raw Ash guitars, which feature a bare satin finish, letting the natural grain of the ash peek out from beneath. It's a striking look, and I'm sure it's not one for everyone, but they do look pretty interesting. 


Both the Strat and Tele of this limited run boast a modern C shaped maple neck with 22 frets, as well as ClassicGear tuners and the classic six-point/six-saddle bridge you're used to seeing on these guitars. They also feature Fender's Yosemite pickups and the coveted Greasebucket circuit built in, which lets players roll off the treble without losing any gain or clarity. 




To be fair, we actually have no idea whether these guitars will make it to Australia or not - it's always hard to tell with Fender's limited edition models. Nevertheless, they're pretty cool!


Find out more via Fender's website today.