Electro-Harmonix unveil the Oceans 12 Reverb

Packed To The Brim With Premium Algorithms

Electro-Harmonix have dropped a post-NAMM bombshell with the release of the Oceans 12, which looks to captivate with its quality reverb algorithms and in-depth sound-scaping abilities.

Building on from the blueprint of the Oceans Eleven, the latest offering from EHX packs a whole lot into a reasonably compact box - in fact, for a reverb pedal, it's insanely feature-packed. There's twelve titular reverb algorithms, which can be run in mono, stereo, parallel or in series, all of which can be toggled via the footswitch. There's also tide control for stereo image alteration, while a lo-fi control, infinite attenuation and expression input offer even more control over the pedal. There's also room for 24 presets, control over reverb tails, tap tempo, infinite hold, pre-delay, tone and tuning controls - how much more could you even ask for? 



Check out the twelve algorithms below - it seems like there's a solid mix of classic sounds and some more adventurous ones to boot. This looks like a serious pedal for all you shoegazers, soundtrackers or ambient guitarists out there, and we can't wait to hear how it sounds in the flesh. 


  • ROOM
  • ECO
  • MOD
  • DYNA


Electro-Harmonix is distributed in Australia through Vibe Music