This 12″ vinyl is made from compressed coffee

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This 12″ vinyl is made from compressed coffee

This is legitimately not a joke. This incredibly strong cold brew coffee, which has been jokingly referred to as ‘liquid cocaine’ by those who have ingested its triple-strength inky blackness, has been compressed into a flattened disk with grooves that will actually play music on a record player. The campaign is entitled ‘Blacker Than Black’ – and what could possibly be more black than a black 12″ record, full of four playable black metal tracks that you can then break apart and mix with water to create an extremely black cup of coffee?



Featuring the black metal tracks ‘Ballad For a Dying Unicorn’, ‘Swiped Right For Dad’, ‘Cannibals Dinner Party’ and ‘Dead Kitten Death Metal’, this 12″ LB record – thats Long Black record – is definitely going to make the heartrate spike. They’ve even blended a hint of dark chocolate into the mix of the coffee just to make the resulting drink that little bit extra dark.


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