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Both the 5A Selected Maple and the Selected Hickory Round Tip sticks, which have almost a barrel shape, feel great with a nice weight and balance to them. Although Hickory is often heavier than Maple, the feeling between the two models seems negligible making for an easy change up between the two pairs.


For some added length, the 5A XL are a hickory stick with an acorn shaped tip. Tough and durable, they are quite a big sounding stick and great for harder hitting. The 5A XXL then steps it up another notch adding over a centimetre in length and a slightly sharper acorn shaped tip.


In terms of brushes the ProBrush Light model utilises quite a thin wire, making them nice for quieter volumes and relaxed playing whilst the medium model adds some thickness. Both pairs feel comfortable for playing and the angled handle end make them easy to identify and manage.

It’s great to see Wincent offering a range of rods too, with variations in material and design. The 19RB Bamboo model offers plenty of dynamics and volume with a solid yet responsive feel.


On the dampening front, and what drummer isn’t on this constant highway of tuning, dampening, tuning and so on, Wincent offer a couple of different packs of dampening solutions. The ToneGel Standard is a 5pc set of gels in two different sizes whilst the Mike Mangini MaxPack comes with seven pieces across three sizes. Reusable, washable and easily stored in the handy included case, they really are an invaluable tool for any drummer wanting to adjust to different sounding rooms, setups and situations.


Stick-wise I love the flat butt ends and extra points for the markings, which make it easy to find and grab the right stick/sticks out of your stick bag on the fly. A nice cross section of sticks in this little sample they all seem balanced, well crafted and matched. This holds true for the brushes and rods too adding another player to the drum stick market worth checking out. Consistency, durability and feel are an important part of a good pair of sticks and with serious drum demons like Tomas Haake backing them, it seems like Wincent are on the right track. I think you’ll be seeing/hearing more of this Swedish brand in the future.