PreSonus announce new Eris 7″ E7 XT studio monitors

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PreSonus announce new Eris 7″ E7 XT studio monitors

While these new speakers don’t really add too much to the designs of their forebearers, we reckon a seven inch woofer is probably going to sound appealing to a lot of producers, and saves you from needing to splash out on those massive eight inch models. The Eris E7 XT studio monitors also feature 1.25″ silk dome tweeters, 100 watts of class AB power, acoustic tuning controls and input connections for XLR, TRS and RCA plugs. 



There’s also PreSonus’s intuitive three-way acoustic space tuning controls for placement against walls, corners or dead spots, while low, mid and high cut controls allow for further flexibility over your sound. In classic PreSonus fashion, the Eris E7 XT’s also boast their custom Elliptically Boundary Modeled waveguide to deliver a 100 degree sweet spot – expect no dead tones from these bad boys.


PreSonus is distributed in the Australian market via Link Audio