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The Stomp Classic’s look is inspired by the iconic ST-11 Strobotuner, and it’s plenty roadworthy both in terms of physical hardiness and ease of viewing from across the stage. It features true bypass circuitry, a host of new Sweetened Tunings that include support for 7-string guitars, electric violin and mandolin-family instruments, and a built-in, fully adjustable, active DI with 3 levels of padding and a ground lift. Of course, all the accuracy in the world would be useless if you couldn’t see it, and the Stomp Classic gives you an extremely bright high-contrast LCD display that you can see in all sorts of lighting conditions. That makes it a great stage tuner of course, but it’s so accurate and so reliable that it’ll also suit techs when intonating instruments.




This little gadget is enclosed in a classy and robust stainlesssteel shell which clips onto your headstock with plenty of swivel-and-pivot capability to ensure the best viewing angle. It also comes in a cushioned metal carrying case for storage, while soft, rubber pads in the jaws of the StroboClip protect your instrument’s finish while providing a firm grip, which is important not just so the dang thing doesn’t fall off but because it ensures maximum signal conductivity from the headstock into the tuner’s sensing guts. Speaking of those guts, the StroboClip has 1/10 cent accuracy, a bright high definition display and 28 Sweetened Tunings optimised for Buzz Feiten Tuning System, dobro and resonator, banjo, ukulele, violin, sitar and much more; and alternate temperaments (400Hz to 490Hz) for a wide variety of string and wind instruments. There’s even a Drop/ Capo/Key Setting, and it also has an exclusive ‘SUStain Mode’ which gives you prolonged note viewing time when tuning short-voiced instruments. The battery fits into a slide-out compartment and it’s all very futuristic and cool-lookin’. The tuning accuracy is great. You’re probably more likely to use this one on stage rather than to intonate your instrument but it’s great either way.




So which should you choose? That depends on how you’re gonna use it. The clip-on tuner is great for acoustic guitars or for those who don’t want to be chained to a pedalboard. The Stomp Classic is ideal for those who like their pedalboards or who want even more accuracy for hardcore tech work. Either way you’re getting a world class tuner with many decades’ worth of great reputation.