Gibson CEO dismisses quality control issues as “fake news”

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Gibson CEO dismisses quality control issues as “fake news”

In an exclusive interview with Guitarist Magazine, which you can read via MusicRadar here, Juszkiewicz labelled concerned Gibson players as being “online trolls,” paraphrasing US President Trump in his dismissal of Gibson critics.


“It’s easy for people to troll on the internet, but you’re in the media and I think you’re probably more aware than most folks about the negativity that exists and, sometimes, the lack of truth in that negativity,” Juszkiewicz said to Guitarist Magazine, going on to add: “To quote some politicians, I would say that’s ‘fake news.'”


Throughout the interview, Juzkiewicz went on to claim that Gibson’s current instrument quality is “better than it’s ever been,” and stated that the company is growing faster than the industry itself, noting that “if we really made junk, then people wouldn’t buy it, especially at the price we charge.”


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Image via Alasdair Elmes.