A previously unreleased Violent Soho track!

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A previously unreleased Violent Soho track!

Violent Soho
Photo by Kane Hibberd
Words by Mixdown staff

Written during the Hungry Ghost era, ‘Domestic La La’ is everything we love about this pivotal band.

Violent Soho fans can now listen to previously unreleased track “Domestic La La”, taken from the forthcoming 10th anniversary limited-edition vinyl reissue and online re-release of the Brisbane legends’ cult classic Hungry Ghost.

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Luring you in with electric guitar twang that evokes a hot Australian summer afternoon, vocalist Luke Boerdam strides in with his signature drawl: “With the cry of the ailing victor, I never knew you would hang around. To damn young to be cursing and bitter, Cassius will bring you down”. The single has never been officially released before, aside from a lucky few who own it as part of a limited double A-side 7” vinyl from 2015.

With a near-constant ‘sold-out’ status on their iconic back catalogue, this reissue was welcome news to the band’s loyal fanbase. The limited and very sick Standard and Deluxe pressings of the record both sold out before you could shout “hell fuck yeah”. However, fans can still pre-order a digital copy of Hungry Ghost (10th Anniversary Edition), as well as a just announced limited release Deluxe Double CD featuring bonus tracks “Domestic La La”, “Home Haircut”, a previously unheard demo “Follow Me Here”, plus live tracks from one of Violent Soho’s shows at their beloved Mansfield tavern and massive main stage set at Splendour in the Grass in 2016.

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