10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)

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10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)


Moses Gunn Collective

Psych pop

Music exists to be shared. Ideas are just kind of floating around, with no strict owners. You grab onto them when you get the chance, filter them through your personality and preferences, and hope that the results sparkle with originality. Moses Gunn Collective have probably listened to loads of Ariel Pink, Deerhunter and some Animal Collective. This has an impact on their sound, which isn’t startlingly original, but is commendably convincing. Thursday August 11 – Newtown Social Club – Sydney, NSW



Bob Evans

Folk pop

No, Bob Evans (AKA Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell) isn’t an undiscovered songwriter, but his songs still convey the kind of honesty that comes through when taking your first steps into unknown territory. Even while he’s matured, now writing songs about climate change and the hypocritical preposterousness of conservative politicians, Mitchell’s refrained from turning flashy.

Thursday August 11 – The Foundry – Brisbane, QLD



Black Jesus Experience


Melbourne eight (and sometimes ten) piece Black Jesus Experience are adoring and thoroughgoing students of Ethio-jazz, a genre they’ve no hesitation to merge with hip hop. Their songs are apt to stimulate action on the dance floor, enlighten newcomers to the genre, and supply substantial lyrical intrigue. Friday August 12 – The Lighthouse – Darwin, NT



Soviet X-Ray Record Club


Brisbane outfit Soviet X-Ray Record Club do a good job at living up to the promise of their mysterious band name, inspired by the bootlegging methods prominent in Russia’s Iron Curtain-era. It’s dark, saturated post-punk with the sentimental heart of early new wave.

Friday August 12 – Grace Darling Hotel – Melbourne, VIC




Electronic pop

It was a damn shame to see the Simon Lam-led I’lls announce an indefinite hiatus last year, but in light of the hastening rise of Kllo, it’s more than understandable. For this project vocalist Chloe Kaul joins Lam. The garage electronics favoured by I’lls are still apparent, but Kaul’s melodically refined and sensually delivered vocals give Kllo major pop appeal. Friday August 12 – Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane, QLD




Garage punk

The first wave of punk rock revolved around a complete refusal to display technical proficiency. However, it was also a time of near-unrivalled lyrical wit and fiery attitudes. Garage punk duo Shrimpwitch don’t care too much about making things sounds pretty or even competent, but they’ve got a knack for making you laugh and nod in agreement.

Friday August 12 – The Old Bar – Melbourne, VIC



Cassius Select


If you’ve paid any attention to Australian electronic music in recent years then you would’ve come across Cassius Select. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know him as Guerre; or Lavurn Lee, one-third of BV (formerly Black Vanilla). As CS, Lee dives deep into his techno interests. There’s a temptation to describe this project as dark and disfigured, but that shouldn’t distract you from the beauty and innovation lying at its core. Friday August 12 – Oxford Art Factory – Sydney, NSW



Serina Pech

Folk pop

Out here on the east coast we don’t hear much about the music scene in Katherine, Northern Territory. But if Serina Pech’s charming, infectious folk pop is anything to go by, we’d be advised to pay more attention to the musical happenings in the Top End.

Saturday August 13 – Railway Club (Festival Lounge) – Darwin, NT




Electronic pop

I don’t care what you say, your scruples about its touristification and complaints about the easy-does-it lifestyle, Byron Bay really is a lovely place. But in recent years its most prominent musical contributions have been bore-a-thon “hardcore” acts and the reawakening of The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin. Tora are doing their bit to spruce up Byron’s musical identity. They’re a bunch of canny producers who make intricately arranged, ready-to-eat electronic pop. Saturday August 13 – Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Perth, WA



Thee Loose Hounds

Garage blues

Anyone who remembers the Cato Salsa Experience would agree they’re one of Norway’s finest contributions to 21st century blues-infused, indie rock. Emerging around the same time as Black Keys, CSE played with real swagger and even mustered some novel songcraft (unlike the more successful American act). Anyway, Thee Loose Hounds are reminiscent of the defunct Nordic outfit, playing four to the floor garage belters while wearing a big fuckin’ smile.

Sunday August 14 – The Tote – Melbourne, VIC