10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)

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10 Artists To Catch Live This Week(end)


Trust Punks


At first glance, Trust Punks give the impression of being bratty, disaffected youths disdaining the state of the world and those perpetuating the status quo. However, further listens reveals a real investment in the world that they spurn, and a strong urge to turn things around. This explains their aggressive lo-fi punk rock disposition – it’s proactive rather than nihilistic

Thursday July 21 – The Foundry – Brisbane, QLD



Party Dozen

Garage instrumental

Sydney two-piece Party Dozen are a rather exciting prospect. Sax player Kirsty Tickle and drummer Jonathan Boulet make unruly, improvised jazz punk. Boulet’s otherwise known for his friendly indie pop tunes, but this is music that seeks to challenge and exhilarate, instead of simply caress.

Thursday July 21 – Newtown Social Club – Sydney, NSW



Cool Sounds

Dream pop

Cool Sounds’ new album Dance Moves is indeed capable of getting your feet moving, but it’s also equally stimulating heard through headphones while taking comfort in front of a roaring fireplace. We’d recommend grabbing a copy on vinyl, as it’s a deftly produced cache of dreamy guitar pop.

Friday July 22 – The Tote – Melbourne, VIC



Argus & The Liar

Hip hop

Argus & The Liar is an alternative hip hop collective helmed by Adelaide musicians Benjamin, Elizabeth and Joseph Duigan. Drawing influence from the conscious hip hop of A Tribe Called Quest, as well as indie rockers like Eric’s Trip and punk/reggae heroes Bad Brains, these guys produce hooky hip hop numbers with lyrical wit and bit of indie rock grit.

Friday July 22 – Ancient World – Adelaide, SA



Chelsea Bleach


Melbourne quintet Chelsea Bleach label their sound as “Wetwave”, and the description fits insofar as the band’s songs evoke images of summer time tomfoolery down by the beach. It’s not dumb, but it’s loose, energetic and wears a hard skin. Friday July 22 – Gasometer Hotel – Melbourne, VIC



Pool Boy


Pool Boy know how to pen a hooky vocal line, and they could probably gain plenty of success as a friendly synthpop act if they wanted to. But that’s not what turns them on, as demonstrated by the divergent characteristics of their Clit/clutter EP. It’s said to be partly inspired by “how weird everyone’s heart is”, and the band members put their money where their mouths are, showcasing a bevy of off-kilter impulses. 

Friday July 22 – Amplifier – Perth, WA



Jai Pyne

New wave

Jai Pyne’s appeared in this column before, but his new single ‘Heart Won’t Stop’ warrants an encore feature. The former Paper Scissors frontman continues to display his aptitude behind a board of electronic gadgets, dishing out a buxom disco funk number led by a walking bass line and Pyke’s effortless falsetto. Saturday July 23 – Oxford Circus – Sydney, NSW



Make More

Indie rock

Released via Black Wire Records / Lacklustre Records, Brisbane dudes Make More have just dropped the Spend Life LP. It’s a work of busy power pop, jangly guitars and a stabilising vocal demeanour that’s somewhat reminiscent of eating a sandwich on a bicycle.

Saturday July 23 – Black Bear Lodge – Brisbane, QLD



Sweet Jean

Baroque pop

‘Main Street’, the latest single taken from Sweet Jean’s 2016 LP Monday to Friday, ends with a whirl of instrumentation emboldening Alice Keath’s lyrical proclamation, “I’m ready for a fight / I’m ready for a rumble tonight.” It’s safe to say you’re unlikely to see any crowd brawls at a Sweet Jean show, but the band does possess a physical power, underlined by the sophisticated songwriting and synergetic harmonising of Keath and her copart, Sime Nugent.

Sunday July 24 – Wheatsheaf Hotel – Adelaide SA




Garage soul

We eagerly anticipate each new release from Melbourne’s Scotdrakula, and their latest, ‘Skeleton Fever’, is one of their best yet. Vocalist Matt Neumann scales back his oft-unhinged vocals to deliver a weary and highly melodic performance, giving the song a Girls-esque garage soul flavour. It’s unhurried and as warming as a hot toddy.

Monday July 25 – Gasometer Hotel – Melbourne, VIC